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The Annecy basin

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In 1998, the Annecy basin's population was made up of 170,000 inhabitants, 80,000 of whom were employed (i.e. more than 47%).

Five business sectors illustrate perfectly the quality image of the Annecy economy:

  • precision engineering, applied in the automobile, aeronautic, nuclear and biomedical industries,
  • industrial equipment,
  • the sport, leisure and luxury goods industries,
  • computing and electronics,
  • the food industry.

The Annecy basin offers a stable, highly qualified work force. More than 35% of those employed belong to the category of highly qualified technicians and management personnel (against a national average of 17%). In addition, the University of Savoie and the ESIA (Annecy Higher School of Engineering) offer very high level training (up to above Masters Degree level) in industrial information technology, electrical and mechanical engineering, communications and networks techniques, economics, management, sales, new commercial applications technologies, etc.