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Sainte-Thérèse (Québec)

Hôtel de ville de Sainte-ThérèseGateway to Quebec’s Laurentides region, Sainte-Thérèse is a thriving town, home to big businesses and served by an intermodal station providing rail, bus and taxi connections with Montreal, located just 21 kilometers to the south. Recently developed districts complete Sainte-Thérese’s dynamism including, one of which has been named in honour of Annecy.


Place Lagoa et eglise Sainte-Therese Jardin des Sources 

Musée Joseph Filion à Sainte-Thérèse
Musée Joseph Filion à Sainte-ThérèseMusée Joseph Filion à Sainte-Thérèse


To find out more about the region and its numerous sporting activities.


To find our more about Sainte-Thérese's business community, consult the website of the Sodet.

Twinning activities

For a number of years now the Rhône-Alpes Region's School of performing arts has been working with two establishments in Sainte-Thérèse, CEGP Lionel Groulx www.clg.qc.ca and the Polyvalante sites.cssmi.qc.ca/pst) to encourage transatlantic exchanges between 50 young musicians.

Musiciens de Sainte-Thérèse Concert au château d'Annecy

Each summer, the municipal services of both towns each plays to host 4 young people from the twin town. See testimonies (pdf- 442 Ko).

Over the past few years, the partnership between the two towns has discovered new spaces to explore and develop together... communications, new technologies and sustainable development.

History of the twinning between Sainte-Thérèse and Annecy

Blason de Sainte-Thérèse
Blason de Sainte-ThérèseBlason de Sainte-Thérèse
In April 1977, at the initiative of the association of the Mayors of France, the chief executive officers of a number of towns and cities in Quebec and France took part in a series of exchanges sponsored the Quebec Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Union of Quebec Municipalities. Mr Pierre Métait visited Quebec and Mr Claude Dagenet from Sainte Thérèse came to Annecy. Following this exchange, professional and personal links were forged on either side of the Atlantic between the two men and their municipalities.

In 1985, Mr Jean Blanchard, Mayor of Sainte-Thérèse, and the municipal council, named a number of thoroughfares in honour of Annecy, including ‘avenue des Marquisats" and "boulevard d'Annecy", while the town of Annecy gave the name of "Promenade Sainte-Thérèse du Québec" to a future pedestrian street planned in 1987.

The association "Alpes-Leman-Quebec", and particularly Mssrs. Jean-Michel Hercourt (France) and Jacques Rouleau (Quebec), supported by their respective mayors, Mssrs. Bosson and Blanchard, subsequently established exchange programmes for students seeking summer jobs.

On September 21st 1987, Mssrs. Jean Blanchard and Bernard Bosson, respectively Mayors of Sainte-Thérèse and Annecy, decided to seal relations between the two towns by signing a "pact of friendship". In spite of the distance, the commitments made in this pact, have over the years been honoured, improved and enriched through the professional and personal relationships forged between elected officials, civil servants and citizens who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet each other. The widespread commitment to this pact has fostered exchanges between sportspeople, students, musicians amongst others.

In 1995, Annecy was chosen to host the national mois du Québec (the Quebec month), an event which was also the opportunity to become better acquainted with this country and the privileged character of the Franco-Quebec relationship.