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The environment is second nature

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Safeguarding the lake

Diploma of the international jury of the European Prize for the Protection of Nature and Land Management awarded to the City of Annecy in 1972 for 15 years of effort and success.

UN Grand Silver Medal for the Environment 1983.

Urban environment

Gold Marianne of the Cities of France for the quality of its environment in 1986.

Ist prize among French towns for cleanness and cleaning awarded by the General Association of Hygiene and Municipal Technicians in 1987.

In 1989 it also received a special prize for “arranging play areas for children”.

In 1992 nominated for a Golden Decibel in the “action for silence” category for its policy of fighting noise.

Floral decoration

Annecy has been regularly placed at the top of the list for the National Towns in Flower Prize since 1960.

Continuously classed "4 flowers" since 1967, in 2005 it received the Grand National Prize for Towns in Flower.

Every year it adopts a colour theme.

A few figures

  • 94 hectares of green areas 
  • 460 hectares of public forest
  • 36 hectares of lawns
  • 8,5 hectares of bush plantations 
  • nearly 10 km of hedges
  • 27 hectares of green spaces round the city
  • 7500 park trees
  • 4950 alignment trees
  • 640 flower-boxes along the canals
  • 460 flower-tubs
  • 186 seasonal decorative beds
  • 270 plant beds 
  • 51 play areas for children
  • 12 water-jet basins
  • 1 enclosure for deer (13 animals), 1 enclosure for stags and 1 enclosure for wild sheep
  • 2 aviaries (Imperial Hotel Park and Saint-Joseph Island) and 25 nesting places