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Traffic plan

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The Greater Annecy Community and the City of Annecy have set up a new traffic plan which allows easy access to the heart of the conurbation and guarantees real quality of life especially in respect of getting about the town centre.

This new traffic system has three objectives:

  • To develop public transport by setting up special bus lanes

  • Discourage through traffic from entering the town centre

  • Set up special paths for pedestrians and 2-wheel vehicles

Public Transport Traffic Plan

Specifically :

  • Special bus lanes in the opposite direction from the traffic flow in Sommeiller and Vaugelas Streets
  • A ”Connection Hub”, a place where bus lines meet in front of the station with improved pedestrian connections to the station and public car parks
  • Reducing impact of through flows by roads serving the centre which do not connect with each other and an underground east-west transversal connection in the form of a tunnel between the Avenue de Brogny and the Avenue Bouvard.
  • New pedestrian and bike links:

- Footbridge over the Thiou at La Mandalaz leading to Cran-Gevrier and Seynod ;
- Extension of the Sainte Thérèse du Québec walkway, along the Thiou towards the centre of Cran-Gevrier ;
- The future Galbert footbridge to cross the railway at the end of the Boulevard Taine towards the Pâquier and the Lake.