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Rencontres européennes in Annecy

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The main purpose of this two week stay in August is to discover other cultures while speaking a foreign language.

Every year, the town of Annecy offers 14 to 17 year old teenagers, who are either local or from our twin towns (Bayreuth, Cheltenham, Vicenza, Liptovsky Mikulas), the chance to get to know their foreign counterparts better while developing a feeling of belonging to the European Union.


These Encounters give them the opportunity to speak another language (French but also English, German and Italian) thanks to group workshops, to days spent together playing sport and taking part in cultural activities as well as meals and evening get-togethers.

During the two weeks, sports and other pleasurable activities are arranged in order to help them discover Annecy and the beautiful surrounding area.



Participants are all personally involved in their stay, particularly in staging a grand final show which takes place at the very end of the European Encounters.

In 2014, the cost is 714 euros to be settled upon receipt of the invoice from the Ville d'Annecy. Date of the stay: from 31 July to 15th of August 2014.

Download the registration form 2014 (pdf-871 Ko).

Video introducing the European Encounters

Video showing in about 4mn the 2012 European Encounters, organised by the town of Annecy and supervised by the Ludolangue Team (video made by Ludolangue. In French.)

A TV8 Mont-Blanc report made in August 2012 about the European Encounters in Annecy (In French).


Registrations start every year in March, to coincide with the town's advertisement campaign through posters and the distribution of flyers in the Junior and Senior schools of Annecy.

Registration documents can be found at the Head department of Relations Exterieures and should be returned no later than April 30th.

For our twin towns, please contact your local twining officer.


If you're interested please contact :

Direction des relations extérieures-Mairie d'Annecy

Tel : 04 50 33 88 45