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Rencontres européennes in Bayreuth

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Rencontres européennes allow the twin towns of Annecy, La Spezia, Prague and Bayreuth to give participants a feeling of team spirit and of belonging to Europe.

To achieve this, all participants stay for two weeks in August in the same Youth Hostel in Bayreuth : www.jugendherberge.de/jh/bayern/bayreuth/

The are language lessons in the morning (German and Italian dependant on the number of participants, and French), while afternoons will be dedicated to sporting, cultural and other enjoyable activities.

During the stay, local families will welcome the young people on Sundays.

Note : in 2014, the cost of the stay was €500 (around £414), payable in Bayreuth, plus €75 (around £62) towards transport which is organised by the Town of Annecy.


Registrations start in March every year, coinciding with the town's advertising campaign - distribution of posters and flyers in the Junior and Senior schools of Annecy.

Registration documents are avaible from the  Direction des relations extérieures and should be returned no later than June 30th.


La Direction des relations extérieures vous accueille du lundi au vendredi,
de 8h30 à 12h et de 13h30 à 17h30.

Pour tout renseignement :
tél : 04 50 33 88 45
courriel : jumelages@ville-annecy.fr