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Alternative means of transport in town

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In 1998, SILA, C2A and its member communities committed themselves to the Urban Transport Plan (PDU) aiming, among other things, to develop transport by bicycle within the conurbation.

  • C2A is responsible for the infrastructure networks (25 km) between the towns in the conurbation and liaison with the Sevrier cycle track.

  • SILA is responsible for the cycle track around the lake starting from Sevrier.

  • The city of Annecy is responsible for local networks and district services.

Getting around Annecy by bike

The city of Annecy currently has 33 km of routes for bikes. 83 parking points for two-wheelers, equivalent to 1400 places have been set up near all places frequented by the public.

Bikes can be used:

  • On cycle tracks and lanes

  • In bus lanes if they go in both directions

  • On “classic” roads

  • In pedestrian areas as long as speed is adjusted, pedestrians having priority.

It should be remembered that pavements are reserved for pedestrians.

Bike rent service and summer line

The Conurbation Association (C2A) and SIBRA have set up:

A bike rental service called "Vélonecy" :
130 bikes are available for rent. Various accessories (baby seats, trailers for toddlers, helmets, anti-theft chains…) are also supplied.

Place de la gare
BP 202
74005 Annecy cedex
Tel : +33 4 50 51 38 90
Open every day.

A bus line serving the Semnoz which carries bikes:
This bus, specially equipped to transport bikes and passengers, makes 6 round trips a day during the summer.
The bus serves the following stops: Railway Station, Rue Vaugelas, City Hall and Youth Hostel, up to the top of the Semnoz (via Les Puisots), with or without mountain-bike.

Espace commercial
21 rue de la Gare
BP 202
74005 Annecy cedex
Tel : +33 4 50 10 04 04

Cycle Tracks

Download Map of cycle routes


(Annecy Regional Bus Company)
66 chemin de la Prairie
BP 99
74003 Annecy Cedex

For all information on bus routes, timetables, lost property…and sale of bus tickets, a hostess is at your service from Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 and 2 to 5 p.m.

Espace SIBRA
21 rue de la Gare
tel : +33 4 50 10 04 04