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Sassandra (Ivory Coast)

Hôpital général de SassandraIn 1997, the towns of Annecy and Sassandra signed a partnership agreement, committing to devolved cooperative activities. This agreement defined the support Annecy would provide to Sassandra's economic, cultural, social and environmental development.

Since then, the Town of Annecy has been involved in infrastructure development activities; by donations, the acquisition of heavy equipment for road or garbage collection, economic development and establishment of a micro-credit initiative.

Since 2008 (the beginning of the municipal term), with the on-going unrest in the Ivory Coast, the partnership has become particularly important. The General Hospital in Sassandra maintains regular contact with the management and hospital medical teams from the Annecy region. In 2009, the Town of Annecy awarded a grant of €31,000 to rehabilitate the hospital's Gynecological medical services and in 2010, €15,500 to renovate the surgery ward.

More recently, at a Town of Annecy Council meeting (Monday, September 24, 2012) a grant of €13,300 was awarded for the construction of a Pediatric ward; essential in this hospital that in 2011, hosted over 7,000 children under 15 years old.