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Environment, Agenda 21

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Annecy, the capital town of Haute Savoie, nestling beside its lake set in the mountains, is known for its quality of life and environment.

Taking advantage of its marvellous position just at the end of the lake, the town has succeeded in preserving its architectural and historical heritage, renovating its older districts, restoring the pure water of the lake by work which is often taken as an example, beautifying the canals to which it owes its name “Venice of the Alps”.

The town of Annecy works constantly to improve its quality of life by fighting against pollution and other menaces and by closely monitoring air and water quality, thanks notably to its environmental- hygiene – ERP safety service but also due to the incentives it offers for facade resurfacing and by controlling aerials and sign-posts.

In urban improvement work particular attention is given to plant life and to measures taken to guarantee its preservation. An inventory of wooded areas has been created to ensure its survival.