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Animal Park and Aviaries

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Grande Jeanne Animal Park

Annecy has its own animal park. This facility has an educational function, is free of entry charges, and is much visited by parents and children on Wednesdays, at weekends and in school holidays.

The site of the animal park is in the Avenue du Crêt du Maure : La Grande Jeanne, a park extending over 10,500 sq m which is home to two species of wild animals (16 deer, 9 stags and twenty wild Corsican sheep).

The modernisation of the animal park begun in winter 2004 was completed in summer 2006, and comprised notably:

  • bringing the fences up to standard and setting up wooden barriers to prevent all contact and risk of accident with the animals

  • the reconstruction of a shelter for the animals and putting up educational boards giving essential information about each species. Tours with commentaries are also on offer to school groups.

In the medium term additional work will be done: extension of the car park, concrete areas in front of each enclosure to improve hygiene conditions…

And in the longer term, a rehabilitation project for the forest house as a permanent information structure in cooperation with the Greater Annecy Community (C2A) and the Bauges Regional Nature Park.

As regards regulation of numbers, action has become necessary with the animals proliferating thanks to their “easy life”, so the City of Annecy has decided to sterilise the females by injection of a vaccine. Administered on an annual basis, this vaccine is reversible. Fertility is restored simply by suspending the treatment.


Annecy has two aviaries which are situated in the Imperial Hotel Park and on the Saint-Joseph island.