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The Altaïs Park

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To be found on the territories of Chavanod and of Cran-Grevier, the Altaïs Economic Activities Park is a facility of an inter-community character for which we owe thanks to the Districts businesses. The role of this site, which has surface area of 60 hectares, is to host industrial activities as well industry-related services.


The very favourable environment that it offers companies is a significant advantage to persuade them to set up operations there. The park is well served by the road network: the southern A41 interchange is close by. And, in the near future, it will be directly linked to the urban area ring road, currently under construction, and to the local CD 16 road.

...and services
The park will be equipped with a Reception Area, which will offer services (meeting and conference rooms etc.) to "resident" structures. An inter-business restaurant, a postal service point etc, and other facilities of this type are planned. It will "accommodate" business park.

When economic development is blended with respect for the environment

The park will offer an exceptional "quality of life" to those working there. Superbly laid out wooded and green spaces, a cycle track, a footpath, the insertion of buildings into the site, green areas imposed on plot purchasers etc.

National investors

The putting to commercial use of 15 hectares of the first developed phase has just begun. Two national investors have chosen the park for the construction of their office and rented business premises projects.

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