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At the service of businesses

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Accompanying business founders

The District has set up a complete system to support the setting up of new businesses, which responds to the needs expressed by young business structures.
Expert help and accompaniment :

An expert has been specially charged with helping new business founders. This expert's support is active during the "preliminary" period (help with the preparation of projects etc.), as well as after the foundation of the business (ongoing business management help) for a period of two-years. This accompaniment is aimed at ensuring the success of new businesses. The expert has the support of a complete network of all those dealing with the setting up of new companies, in order to identify project holders and offer them the best possible service.

The privileged loan :

The "Annecy Initiative" association, set up by the District, has the special task of providing financial support to project holders in the form of a privileged loan with no interest. Anyone wishing to set up a company specialising in industrial activities or services, and who intends to set the business up in the Annecy basin (46 towns, 10 of which are within the conurbation area), may apply for it. The awarding committee is made up of experts and representatives of local industry, ensuring the coherence of projects put forward before a positive reply is given. This credit does not replace the traditional bank loan. It completes personal funds provided by the business founder, enabling him/her to "tie up" his/her project in financial terms. The limit is set at 22,867.35 Euros, and may not exceed twice the total sum put up by the candidate. It should also be noted that a subvention from the Regional Council may be added to the privileged loan.

The business park :

In spring 2001, the District will open a business park at the Altaïs Economic Activities Park (in the Reception Area), a first in the conurbation. For a maximum period of two years, this structure will offer young industrial or service companies ideal conditions for successful growth: 14 facilities (offices, technical areas and workshops) of reduced size which will benefit from common services (meeting rooms, administrative services, Internet access etc). Two of these facilities will be reserved for project holders.

Communauté de l'agglomération d'Annecy
web : www.agglo-annecy.fr

email : caa@agglo-annecy.fr
phone : + 33 4 50 63 48 48

Pumma multimedia platform

Not a day goes by without New Information and Communication Technologies invading a new area of activity. Initiated by the District, the University Multimedia Platform (Pumma) has the role of ensuring that the local economy, in particular, takes the road to the future. It puts its know-how at the disposal of the appropriation of multimedia by existing companies as well as at the development of a specialised industry - assistance, advice and support during their first steps towards NTIC, providing the companies with materials and tools, information and training via working groups, conferences and research groups, the development and management of an expert network etc.